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Affiliate Revenue Tips – Affiliate Marketing Online Will Help Boost Your Income

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There are several ways to make money online. The first step in being able to earn affiliate revenue is by creating your own personal website. Having a website is just not ok but having a website that generates a lot of traffic is the key. You want a lot of people to know about your website and actually buy your product. You want to be listed on the top of the search engine results when someone performs a keyword search. That is the hope of everyone when they set up a website. If you want to earn money online, the next thing you should look into is affiliate marketing online.

Affiliate marketing online is a marketing program that pays commission to an affiliate when a client was brought to the parent companies website. This can be accomplished in many ways such as advertising through blogs and news articles and so on. They could also promote the parent company on their own website and create a link that will bring the visitor to the company’s site. This is a form of internet marketing technique that has proven very successful to both parties. The aim of the affiliate is to generate sufficient traffic to the parent company so they can earn affiliate revenue.


Multiple Streams of Writing Income Part 5: Developing Strategies and Tasks

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Developing Your Strategies and Tasks

Now that you have a clear vision and you know what mediums you will use your writing in, you can start to develop strategies to drive your exposure and your revenue. Each person’s vision is different. As a result, their strategies and tasks will vary as well. I am going to give you examples of my own strategy. You can embellish, change, remove, or adjust any of these suggestions to fit your vision.

Let me review with you the current mediums that I am using, and how I’ve broken them down into different categories:

Here are the different mediums I use for my writing:

* eMessages

* Teleclass/Teleseminar Content

* Web logs (Blogs)

* Podcasts

* Recordings of Teleclasses

* MP3s downloads

* Workbook

* e-courses

* e-books

* Articles for magazines

* Articles for online sites

* Physical Book

* Book on CD


Multiple Streams of Writing Income Part 6: Developing your Strategies and Tasks

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Types of Strategies

There are three categories of strategies in my plan:

1. Infrastructure

2. Marketing

3. Revenue-Producing

Below your vision box at the top of your flowchart, draw lines down to three boxes, and write Infrastructure, Marketing, and Revenue-Producing in the boxes.

Keep in mind that many of these strategies can actually be used for both marketing and revenue-producing, or even infrastructure. I’m putting them where I’ll see the most benefit by using that strategy.

Let’s look at Infrastructure first. Draw three boxes below that category. The most important strategy under Infrastructure is your Support Team, so add that to the first box. Product Development/R&D is also under Infrastructure. Distribution is the foundation for several of the other strategies, so I consider them Infrastructure as well.

Marketing is a key category that bridges Infrastructure with Revenue Producing. Draw four boxes below Marketing and add these strategies: The Internet, Publicity and Promotion, Direct Marketing, Advertising.

Under Revenue-Generation, draw 8 boxes and add Teleclasses, In-Person Events, Printed Material (books/workbooks), Audio Products (Cds/tapes), digital products (e-courses, e-books, webinars, eMessages, eVideo), Live Online (webinars, training), Video (DVDs), Continuity programs.